Freelance Web Design

freelance web design

what i do

I currently develop and maintain websites for clients with a broad range of interests, from non-profit to high tech. Working as a freelance web designer is something I love to do. I really get to know the people I'm working with, and get to create a product custom tailored to their wants and needs. This allows my clients complete ownership of the projects, and a better final product.

how i do it

I connect with clients every step of the way. From the early wireframes, to color selection, to choosing the right name or host this collaboration with clients allows them to get involved in the creation process without the need for any technical knowledge, allowing them to mold their website with their own creativity. In the end, clients no longer need to stamp the website to create a sense of ownership. Their ideas are integrated throughout.

why you need it

Having a website is one thing, but I create for you, an online presence. Having an online presence is tremendously valuable whether you're a giant corporation, a small business, or an individual just looking to promote yourself. I help you create the means by which the 21st century will discover you; how they will learn about who you are, why you're valuable, and why they need to know you.